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About Company

Top-Rated Demolition Contractor In Norwich, UK

Fincham Demolition is a uniquely equipped company that was established in 1967. As one of the top-rated and experienced demolition companies, we have been serving commercial and residential clients for more than 40 years.

Under Steve Fincham’s governance, the company has built an exceptional team and reputation in the industry, ensuring the right experts for a particular project. Because we have a competent team, we can guarantee peak operational performance while adhering to the industry standards. 

Our Commitment

We Go Above & Beyond To Accomplish The Targeted Goal

Finchman Demolition has had the privilege of working with some of the top clients in the market. We take pride in the way we handle everything and have a large and loyal customer base. 

Today, Finchman Demolition comprises a group of highly qualified and experienced professionals. The whole crew works on the same principles- professionalism, quality, and honesty. 

We strive to deliver the best possible solution to listen to our client's requirements carefully. We can confidently state that we are committed to delivering our services on time under the specified budget, building long-term relationships with everyone, and creating sustainable demolition solutions.


What We Do?

How Can We Help With Your Demolition Project?

Finchman Demolition is happy to undertake all types of demolition projects for commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Our crew has the expertise and experience to carefully undertake and execute any demolition job quickly and efficiently.

Commercial Demolition Contractors
Fincham Demolition is your one-call solution if you are looking for a reliable and affordable commercial demolition contractor in Norwich, UK.
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Industrial Demolition Contractors
Fincham Demolition has got you covered if you have been searching for an industrial demolition contractor in the UK.
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Residential Demolition Contractors
Do you have a residential property to demolish to build a new one? Fincham Demolition would be happy to undertake your residential demolition project!
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Asbestos Removal
We provide asbestos removal services to help with your health and safety concerns and make the environment a better place for everyone.
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As a team that has been in this industry for many years, we know that our business is one of the most environmentally-conscience industries out there. That’s why we make great efforts to reduce our impact on society as much as possible. 

We ensure that all employees must follow strict safety procedures at all times. This allows us to ensure not only to maintain but also increase worker productivity while maintaining a safe working environment where everyone can thrive professionally without fear or hazard. 

Our team is made up of people who take their role seriously and understand how important it is for us to create an impact on this planet! Therefore, when it comes to demolition services, you can count on Finchman Demolition.